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Fan Mail


Fans Respond to American Landscapes

Hi Black Irish Band, 

After listening to your new CD American Landscapes over and over I really love this new CD. Best so far. I especially like the song Teddy ....Great job on this one Steve the beat is awesome!!! I also like the new guy Jim Nelson on the song Alaska. Jim you have a pleasant voice that is wonderful to listen to. Also your Buster Keaton is awesome also. Not many folks these days know who Buster Keaton is. I like it!!!!! 

I really like Kansas Farewell what a great haunting song. Great work

Patrick, Carl, Dennis, George & John what a great song in tribute to the Beach Boys and the Beatles. Well, done..............!!!!!

I have a Dell laptop computer and have some speakers connected to it and as I read my mail and surf the web I listen to your CD over and over. I really love this CD .....I just cannot say enough good stuff about this one Patrick.  Keep up the outstanding work.!!!!! 
Wild Bill from San Jose the Black Irish's number one fan.

Fans Respond to Into the Fire

Dear Black Irish Band,

I just heard your new song “Into The Fire” what a tug on my heart! My son is a wildland firefighter with the USDA forest service who is over working on the Tahoe fire. Even though he is only 21 years old, his determination and drive for a passion I can only imagine makes me not only proud but in awe of all of the men and woman, as yourselves, who care so greatly for this beautiful world.We are so blessed to be living in an area that is so rich in wildlife and surrounded by awesome scenery!!!!

I heard your new recordings on KKBN and went into this site. I would like to know how I can find the poster advertising the CD. I would like to send it to my son and his fellow firefighters out of Mendicino. I am also so impressed with Patrick’s paintings. Of course they also brought a tear to my eyes.

Thank you again,
Patty Ellington

Fan Response to our show in Elko Nevada

I don't know when I have had such an enjoyable and educational musical experience! I am definitely a fan and hope you will be back to Elko, either to hold another concert or to participate in the Cowboy Poetry program. I loved the traditional Irish music especially and the encouragement of audience participation. I didn't see an CD that included "Jambalaya" or "A Kiss to Build a Dream On" - are you going to have a CD with those sort of songs - Cajun (a personal favorite) and Jazz?

Thank you for a truly memorable musical experience!

Carolyn Rand
Elko, NV